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Migraine headaches may present as severe throbbing pain in one area of the head that may be accompanied by sound sensitivity, light sensitivity and nausea. Women are three times more likely to suffer from migraine headaches than men. People with migraines tend to have recurring attacks triggered by many different stimuli. Investigators now believe that migraines are caused by inherited abnormalities in genes that control the activities of certain cell populations in the brain.


Drug therapy for migraines are divided into two categories. One is migraine prevention, the other treatment of the acute migraine attack. Many people with migraines use both approaches by taking medications originally developed for epilepsy and depression to prevent future attacks, and treating attacks when they happen with drugs called triptans that relieve pain and restore function. Stress management strategies may also help reduce the occurrence and severity of migraine attacks.


By taking the appropriate drugs at the appropriate time, patients suffering from migraines can limit their disabling effects. Women whose migraine attacks occur in association with their menstrual cycle are likely to have fewer attacks and milder symptoms after menopause. We will take the time to discuss your condition, offer the best possible treatment and answer all of your questions.

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